Dec 092019

Vice President’s Report 2019

It has been my privilege to serve in the capacity of Vice President of the KW Silver Stars Executive Board for the 2018-19 year.

As Social Convener I have been hostess in my home for 2 meetings of the Board, and entertained the cast and their mates at our camper for a cookout after one of the shows in the spring.

 In an attempt to keep in touch with members who are unable to perform with us on tour and those who want to have fun performing without doing a “show”. we are having a potluck at the 404 Wing on the last Fri. of every month except July and August. This event has been well received and it has been my responsibility to plan the potluck at which I decorate the facility, purchase the paper plates, napkins, etc. and plan the entertainment.

Since we are trying very hard to build up our current membership it makes me very happy to say that I have brought in 3 new members including one of our performers in our show who has been a wonderful addition.

As the membership is down and we couldn’t do a big show this fall the Board members shared the responsibility of contacting nursing & retirement homes and put on our Road Show, “Show Stoppers” again this year.

I spent a considerable amount of time planning an overnight bus trip which we have decided to postpone until a time when hopefully our membership increases.

I have also, been keeping track of the birthdays of the cast members with cards and snacks to try to promote bonding among the cast.

I also, helped Ene Billings, our Costume Coordinator, in providing costumes for some of the cast.

My last task for the year was in providing refreshments for today, which I hope you all have enjoyed.

This years Board has worked well together and has made our time together very enjoyable.

Respectfully, submitted

Kathryn Heft, Vice President