Apr 012019

Before there was a Silver Stars, the group was called the Over the Hill Gang. Herbert Johnson wrote the shows and our own Betty Pauli played every imaginable role and sang her heart out. The pictures in the 25th anniversary Power Point show tell the tale. Betty also kept binders of all the programs and pictures of all the shows. She was the historian and archivist for the group and without her, there would be no early record of the accomplishments of this amazing group of seniors performing in our community. She was one of the originals and a true supporter of all we do.
Now, Betty is moving – to Grimsby to be closer to her family. So, yes, we will miss her and we hope her new life is as happy as she has made us. Certainly, Grimsby is closer to Wine Country. Enough said.
Betty’s new email is     bjkmpauli@outlook.com . We will be in touch and hopefully, she will be in touch with us.
Farewell Betty, and thank you for all you have done here in K-W.