Apr 012019

The March Potluck was well attended. Lots of Silver Stars came out dressed in Green or decorated with St. Patrick’s Day regalia.
After yet another amazing spaghetti dinner, the gang played a special BINGO where the squares were all Irish images. Prizes were won and absent friends were toasted.
The evening proceeded into a round of Karaoke singing, with a wide variety of songs – country, blues and show tunes. Don Linsman joined us – a long-time Silver Stars member, and sang as well as ever.
Lawrence Brenton and his fiancee joined us. Lawrence treated us to several songs, including the Elvis impersonation he sang in our show, “Waiting for Father Anthony.” To help him along, Jeannie Krulicki knelt at his feet and swooned, like she did in the show. It was a fabulous “blast from the past” Thanks to all who sang and entertained us.
And special thanks to Kathryn Heft, who provided all the decorations and costumes, the Bingo, and half of the meal. And Barry Heft, whose karaoke machine served us all so well.
See you all next month – LAST FRIDAY OF THE MONTH – for more K-W SILVER STARS mayhem at the April POTLUCK.

Lawrence Brenton Jerry green hair Barry:beer Kathryn :Ene KWSS Guests Peter:Don Linsman